Are you a member of the Drupal Association?

If you answer: yes, of course! I say thanks very much for supporting the best open source community ever! You should skip to the bottom to learn the ways you can help the Drupal project.

If you answer: what is this Association? I say:
The Drupal Association (DA) is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to help Drupal flourish. We help the Drupal community through a variety of programs and the benefits are seen in the Drupal project. Since Drupal is growing every day, the DA works to keep the growth sustainable by handling the day-to-day tasks that fall outside of working specifically on Drupal software. In fact, the DA has no authority over the planning, functionality, and development of the Drupal software because all of this is decided by the Drupal community.

Instead, the DA focuses on several key projects:

  • maintaining infrastructure and upgrades
  • empowering project contribution
  • providing Community Grants
  • hosting DrupalCons and funding DrupalCon Scholarships
  • organizing Global Training Days
  • legally protecting the Drupal project

There are many ways to get involved in the DA. Membership costs $30 (€22) year for Individuals or $100 (€73) year for Organizations. Your company can become a Supporting Partner or you could give time towards key projects to help make possible our strategic community initiatives.

Join Us Today!

If you are ready to jump in and give time to help Drupal, there are many options:

  • search the issue queue for open issues that would benefit from your knowledge or opinions
  • join your local Drupal User Group or a group that shares your interests on
  • check out the forums where people are asking and answering all kinds of questions
  • dig around on since there is a wealth of information there for you.

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