Five Gadgets From The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show That You Need

Well, the holidays are out of the way for another year, and so it’s time for us to get excited about our own favourite time of the year; The Consumer Electronics Show!

Today sees the opening of the doors to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a showcasing of all things up and coming in technology. Here at VPS.NET, we love anything gadgetry-related and are always looking out for the next trends in technology, so we’ve had a bit of an exciting day watching from afar as the exhibits have shown off their various wares.

It’s hard to imagine a life without the technology that we know and love today, isn’t it? Thinking about a time before the internet is impossible for such a large portion of the population now that it’s hard to imagine how it was growing up without the gadgetry of today. The first annual Consumer Electronics Show was held during a time well before the ‘net, though, back in 1967. Held in NYC, Motorola and LG were among the 14 total exhibitors.

Last year’s event saw 160,498 attendees flock from over 140 countries around the globe to see what 3673 exhibitors had to show for the technology of the year 2014. This year, things are only set to get bigger, building on the 2 million net square feet of exhibit space of last year. It’s a chance for the innovative minds of the globe to come together to celebrate technology, sharing in the experience of technological advancement.

I’ve shortlisted my top five must-haves from this year’s CES which I think everyone will enjoy. I must warn you though – checking out this list might cause you to become just as geeky as us VPS bots, and you may find yourself heartily disappointed if some of these proposed products don’t make it onto the shelves of your local store:

  1. Belty

We all know what it feels like to wake up after the holidays feeling just that little bit heavier (it wasn’t me who ate the last mince pie, I promise!). Belty seems to have come to our rescue. Continuing and building upon last year’s wearable tech boom, Belty is quite literally a belt which monitors your waistline, observing just how wide it could be getting and monitoring your general health. Belty shows that health-monitoring gadgetry is set to continue rising in the market this year; the Apple Watch also has a 2015 release date!

  1. OzoBot

Education and technology go great together. The ways in which the learning of the next generation has been enhanced by technological advancements are plentiful. Gone are the days of the whiteboard, to be replaced by tablet-based learning! The OzoBot could continue to revolutionise the way young people interact with technology; they will program their very own robot, navigating its movement through a partnering mobile device. Is this the best thing since Raspberry Pi?

  1. Dacor’s smart oven

Now, to go with your Belty, you might be needing a state-of-the-art oven with internet capabilities controlled by an embedded tablet which allows you to control the temperature and cooking time of your (healthy) New Year meals. This year’s show has seen Dacor Discovery unveil voice-control technology which allows you to instruct your oven directly. Retailing from $9000/£5900, this smart culinary option could be one for next year’s stocking!

  1. One Ring to rule them all

I’ve spent my life wishing that I was the master of the One Ring, with the power to “rule them all” (but without the perilous journey to Mount Doom or the wrath of Sauron to deal with). Now, it seems, there is to be a wearable device that does indeed control your surroundings! Simply named “Ring”, the device allows wearers to control lighting and other household appliances such as the TV. It’s operated by gestures drawn in the air, which sounds pretty awesome.

  1. The Rollkers

Born and bred in France, the Rollkers are appendages for your shoes which accelerate your movement whilst walking, much like a personal travelator. I’m not the most optimistic about this one hitting the mass market, but I would certainly consider the investment should it become available to me, although I don’t think it would really help me feel the Belty benefits!

  1. LG G Flex 2

Smartphones are an amazing thing; it’s impossible not to wonder where they will take us next, with screens getting larger and more defined by the release. LG’s curve-screened G Flex 2 is definitely a new player in the smartphone game, updated from the previous model of the G Flex which was deemed too large by consumers. For those (like myself) who can be a little careless with their phone, this one is self-healing, meaning it repairs and scratches that it might suffer, which is pretty amazing really.

Are curved screens a vision of the future? Was bend-gate really just Apple testing out how we liked a curved screen? The mind boggles.

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