Game Of Thrones Returns!

Huzzah! Our favorite television series is back on our screens, and we haven’t been left disappointed as of yet…

We’ve been excited about season five of Game of Thrones since the end of season four, much like the rest of the world. The HBO smash has taken the world by storm as the most watched HBO original series of all time. Last week’s season premiere drew in eight million viewers, the highest figure by any HBO show since The Sopranos’ finale drew in 11.9 million viewers.

In a bid to appease the UK fandom who can’t wait until the following evening to get their Westerosi fix, Sky has announced this week that the remaining episodes will be simulcast with the US releases. Thank the Old Gods and the New for that if you’re based in the UK (or R’hllor if you’re that way inclined).

So on April 12th night gathered and our watch began, although unlike the men of the Night’s Watch we were in the warmth of our homes. For those who haven’t seen the premiere episode (time to go home and watch it immediately folks), we won’t publish any spoilers, but we will say that it didn’t disappoint. Fan favorite Tyrion Lannister provides plentiful dry wit, whilst our hatred for Cersei bubbles away quietly and Jon Snow continues to prove that knowing nothing is not always a negative attribute.

We’re predicting big things for our Queen Regent this season, and an impressive character arc for Arya, whose absence from the premiere was acknowledged playfully by actress Maisie Williams on her Twitter feed. These predictions are of course assuming that the books are anything to go by, and without divulging too much from the first episode, we’re doubting that the production team are sticking too closely to the books (where in seven kingdoms are Sansa and Littlefinger headed to?).


What did you make of the season five premiere? Were there any disappointments or triumphs for you? Tweet us @vpsnet. Valar Morghulis…


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