Geek Day Deserves a Geeky Deal!

Geek Pride Day

Did you know the uber-intelligent race from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy used a VPS.NET cloud server to build their computer, called Deep Thought, to find the answer to life!? Ok, that’s not really true; but if it was, I suppose we’d know the actual question that lead to Deep Thought’s answer of 42.

Regardless of how they did or didn’t build their computer, we’re still seeking the question that will lead us to understand the meaning of life, the universe; everything… this time, however, let’s band together and create a VPS.NET powered Deep Thought!

… or we could just party for GEEK DAY!

As you might assume, there is a whole lotta GEEK between the chair and the keyboard of VPS.NET desks so, to celebrate geekiness throughout the world and to further its domination, we’re giving a $42 credit on any new cloud purchase now through Monday.

Use the code GEEKDAY and, thanks to our geeks, you’ll have an extra $42 credit after you get started to use on next month’s renewal or new services.

Let’s stop reading, get our towels, watch a little Star Wars, and find the question to life.

Geek on.

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