Happy SysAdmin Day!

SysAdmin guy

SysAdmin day comes but once a year and when it does… it’s an excuse to watch YouTube and eat cake in the office…

364 days a year, SysAdmins are firefighters, medics and law enforcement officers. They put out fires when it comes to things like forgotten passwords, they nurse servers back to health, and they police improper use of the Internet.

But for one day, they get cut some slack. On SysAdmin Day, tech teams around the world are given a well-deserved pat on the back and given the excuse for a little down time.

Today’s that day! SysAdmin Day is here, so here are a few of our favourite ways to clock off while you’re clocked-in.

Get Your Own Back Via YouTube

No matter how patient you are, some days, you’ll want to just take a hammer to the IT infrastructure. Get a year’s worth of frustration off your chest by watching this YouTube video.

Have a Little Dance

Break out your best moves to this System Administrator Appreciation song.

Start a Nerf War

Every SysAdmin worth their salt should have a Nerf gun in their top draw. Stock up on ammo, practice your barrell roll, and start a battle in the office.

Have a Laugh At the Corporate World’s Expense

How often as a SysAdmin are you asked to make the impossible possible? Indulge in a little micky-taking by watching this video.

Enter Our Comp

Enter VPS.net’s SysAdmin day competition to win a Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD. All you need to do is send us your SysAdmin-related confessions. You can do it anonymously, too, via this webpage. The competition closes at 3pm BST, so hurry.

Play Geeky Jenga

Yes, it exists – the Donkey Kong version of Jenga. Why not pop it on expenses? After all, it is SysAdmin Day!


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