ISPmanager PRO – Free CP for VPS.NET users


It’s been a great few weeks at VPS.NET, lots of new and exciting features, and now, an announcement that will no doubt be exciting for many users, we have finished an agreement with ISP Systems for offer their flagship Control Panel “ISPmanager PRO” for FREE for our VPS.NET customers.

ISPmanager is a server administration control panel, admired by it’s clean and simple to use interface, it’s the perfect companion for a VPS.NET account.

For full details on ISPmanager Pro please visit ISP System

Users can also login to a demo account by visiting ISPmanager Pro Demo

ISPManager Pro is powerful but lightweight, it only utilizes 10MB of ram and 40MB of HD space, the regular pricing for ISP Manager is €34.00 /month, a fantastic value for VPS.NET customers who get it for free.

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