New App Helps CIOs Design Data Centers

Since the onset of the big data wave, data centers have become mission-critical infrastructure featuring in most organizations growth strategy. In order to provide a unique alternative to the traditional data center designing process,

Datapod has recently launched Datapod app to assist CIOs to design data centers and generate personalized reports within minutes.

According to Datapod founder and director, Mr. Scott Carr, “the App cuts down the time required to design a data center by helping customers identify their needs.”

Datapod is an Australian based company founded in 2007 that specializes in offering engineering services and efficient data center infrastructure products, technical support and professional services.

The company boasts of highly specialized and experienced personnel capable of bridging the knowledge gap between today’s information technology demands and best practice data center infrastructure solutions.

As stated by Mr. Carr during the launch of the app, “Datapod App is an extension of the efficient modular Datapod system.” The Datapod system is an expert system of data center infrastructure modules aimed to eliminate many of the bottlenecks faced by companies intending to deploy new data center capacity.

This system provides an innovative option to the traditional brick and mortar site infrastructure solutions to deliver top-notch data center facilities.

This is achieved by adopting prefabrication technology and factory preassembly while mitigating the risks of delays and budget overruns associated with large projects.

Leveraging on the success of this system, the app allows users to explore Datapod’s modular system to design data centers that meet their specific needs. Additionally, they can use the application to request validation for their personal designs, submit an inquiry or generate a configuration report customized to their specific needs.

Users of the Datapod App are offered a wide selection of data center design options to choose from, with the ability to define variables like number of racks, density, cooling system, build-in redundancies and other critical infrastructure.

Additionally, once all the data center requirements have been selected the user can generate personalized reports viewed as a PDF document.

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