New from VPS.NET — Turnkey Hosted Applications

We are excited to announce that starting today we are offering a new full range of semi-managed applications including favorites such as WordPress, Drupal & SugarCRM. These are all hosted on our cloud infrastructure. We look after the OS so you can use the application without worrying about the infrastructure. All of our applications can be installed from our Application Marketplace at https://control.vps.net/apps. Beyond our normal fantastic cloud VPS all these hosted applications have, included for free:

  • Free Backups
  • Free Monitoring
  • Automatic or Manual upgrades of ALL installed software
  • Unlimited hosted applications per package
  • The ability to split hosted applications over multiple VPS
  • Full systems built in less than 15 minutes

Using our intuitive web interface you can manage and control all aspects of the hosted platform without ever having to leave your browser. With a choice of UK and US datacenter locations you can have your hosting cake and eat it. All of the easy to use applications can be installed with a single click inside of the VPS.NET control panel, making things simple to setup. It gets even better! As the applications are all managed and upgraded by VPS.NET, you never have to worry about going through the challenging, time-consuming process of using the sometimes difficult upgrade scripts to keep your application secure — we do it all for you!

Your application will be hosted on the same time tested, proven cloud infrastructure used by our popular Cloud VPS servers. This gives you multiple unique benefits only available on the VPS.NET cloud, including auto healing infrastructure, easy automatic scaling, and extremely affordable rates. Your website stays online for a low monthly fee, and you can sleep easy at night knowing you’re saving money and your application is online and secure.

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