New Year New Location, We’re Heading To Miami!

We’re making it our New Year’s resolution to expand our services, and we’re starting right where it matters with a brand new SSD VPS location.

Here at VPS.NET there’s no “New Year, new me” resolutions. We’re pretty happy with the way things are going, and following our end-of-year review we’ve made plans to continue providing the level of service we can be proud of, and that means we’ll be making a few developments. First up in our New Year’s offering is our brand new SSD VPS location in none other than Miami, Florida.

When you think of Miami you’ll likely think of sun, sand and partying. What surprises many people is that within this socialite hub lies a community of startups, and that community is growing. The business district in Miami is hotting up, and we’re heading to the sunshine state to give our clients the opportunity to store their data in close proximity to an emerging tech hub.

Cloud computing is set to reach its full potential over the coming years; many businesses have begun realising the benefits of migrating their operations both internal and customer-facing to the cloud. SSD VPS – or solid state driven virtual private servers – provide ultimate flexibility and redundancy. Should any disks fail on any SSD VPS machines the data is simply rebooted on another disk, and the on-demand nature of the cloud means that you can scale your resources up and down as required, in real time!

For more information about SSD VPS check out this blog post.

Location is important in online business as it can affect the speed at which your data is delivered to recipients. For any client-facing online service provider it is vital that your data be housed in several global locations to avoid any issues of latency and packet loss, which could impact the quality of your service. If you or your customers are based in the Miami area, housing your data in Miami is a wise decision, as it will allow you to provide faster and more efficient service.

Head to our website to find out more about our Miami location and get started with your own SSD VPS.

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