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As VPS.NET breaks the 1000 nodes barrier in less than one month, we are thankful to all the users who have spread the word and told their friends and family about us, without you we could have not done it.


We want to show you guys our gratitude by giving you one month of free hosting (max 3 nodes) for every review you write about on established forums/blogs/etc (one per blog/forum/etc).

The terms are as follows:

  • Review must be an original post (not a blog/forum reply)
  • Review must not be placed on commercial offers forums and blogs
  • Review must conform to the blog/forum TOS
  • Reviewer must have an account with VPS.NET

I want to emphasize that we are looking for *real* reviews, not just praises – so, please be as honest as possible when reviewing us. Spread the word – but be truthful to the experience you’ve had at VPS.NET…

The way we will monitor the review is via twitter (as we have it on our homepage), so to qualify you simply write your honest review, and submit a twitter post that incl. the url to the review and ‘’ and then submit a ticket with the same info! …

Thanks for your support – we really appreciate it!

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