Show Us Your Desk, Win a Sexy Camera Lens Mug

Epic Desk Contest - Social Media Monday

It’s Social Media Monday! Each Monday we do some type of contest/giveaway/special event on our Twitter and Facebook profiles (follow now if you haven’t) and this week we’re quite excited!

Without further ado… This week’s Social Media Monday is the EPIC DESK CONTEST. We’re giving away three incredibly awesome and sexy camera lens mugs to the top three people who have the coolest desk setup.


All you need to do to enter is take a picture of your desk and upload it here, in our Facebook app. Pretty easy? Yes; but if you want to win the mug it’s not so easy… unless your desk is so unbelievably amazing that anyone sitting there writes code that flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano (you should click that link, it’s hilarious).

The best way to ensure you win is to get everyone you know to vote for your desk.

Anyone is invited to participate including people who are not our customers although the mug is pretty awesome so not sure how many awesome people are out there and not a VPS.NET customer. 😉

The contest has already started and will stop tomorrow (Tuesday, April. 23 at 12pm) so get going!

Go to the Contest App

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