Stress Free Application Deployment Using VPS.NET and StandingCloud

Free Webinar, “Using Hosted Apps on VPS.NET through Standing Cloud” designed to assist SOHO and SME IT managers with easy SaaS deployment options.

Building upon their relationship announced in April 2012, VPS.NET and Standing Cloud will present a pair of joint webinars for IT managers. The webinars will assist in easing the burden of application deployment in the work place. By using VPS.NET and Standing Cloud, SOHO and SME IT managers can automatically deploy applications from the Standing Cloud market place, including more than 100 options commonly business applications. Users also have the option to choose from 13 different datacenter locations that best fit their needs. and Standing Cloud have setup two webinars for interested parties, scheduled Wednesday May 30th, at 10am EST and Wednesday June 6th at 12pm EST. Users are able to find out more information and register for the webinars at the Standing Cloud website, at
“In the past we’ve seen many small businesses suffer from slow deployment of applications, if they’re able to do it at all. Standing Cloud allows our Hosted App users to easily deploy applications necessary to grow their business”, said Rus Foster, Managing Director of VPS.NET.

Rus added, “Since we announced the partnership with StandingCloud, we’ve seen rapid adoption of the Hosted App service. By following up with the webinars, we think even more users will find a significant value in the service.”

“VPS.NET’s new Hosted App service makes it simple to shop for and host applications in the cloud,” said Michael Ficco, VP of Business Development for Standing Cloud. “With easy integration, a seamless customer experience, full user support, custom branding and a large app catalog, our marketplace solution helped make it easy for VPS.NET to make this great value-added service available to their customers.”

VPS.NET operates one of the largest cloud hosting systems in the world. It offers affordable cloud hosting to everyday users, while giving enterprise users the flexibility they need to adequately scale and handle their growing IT demands. VPS.NET is a division of the UK2Group, which provides domain registration and web hosting services to thousands of customers globally through its family of hosting brands –,,,,,, and VPS.NET is committed to providing secure and reliable products and services underpinned with excellent support. For more information about VPS.NET, please visit

Standing Cloud is a leading provider of cloud application management services. We deliver a seamless application layer for cloud service providers and ISVs, making application deployment and management fast, simple and hassle-free in the cloud.
Our standard application catalog includes 100 open-source and commercial applications; our service supports a wide range of application technology stacks, cloud service providers and orchestration software systems.
Founded in 2009, Standing Cloud is based in Boulder, Colorado. Investors include Foundry Group and Avalon Ventures.

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