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We’ll put our money where your mouth is when you tweet about VPS.NET.

Who said talk was cheap? It certainly wasn’t anyone in the VPS.NET offices. In fact, over here, talk can be pretty lucrative.Today, we’re launching a special offer, which rewards you with $5 of account credit when you tweet about the great experiences you’ve had with VPS.NET.

You can use your 140 characters to boast how VPS.NET has benefited your business, website, or application. Alternatively, tell us why you’ve developed a soft-spot for the features we offer, like auto-scaling or instant failover. Just include #vpsrewards and the URL VPS.NET.

Earning your credit is child’s play.As soon as we see your message go live, we’ll make a payment of $5 into your VPS.NET account. It’ll take a maximum of 14 days to clear, then you can take your virtual shopping trolley and go wild in the aisles.

The best bit? We’re not limiting you to one credit per person. You can build up a little nest-egg of VPS.NET credit by tweeting up to 4 times. Just make sure you leave a minimum of a week between tweets and you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Rules Of The Game

This offer is open to any customer with an active VPS.NET account. You need to make sure your twitter handle is registered with us before you tweet , so we’ll know which account to credit. You can do this here. The $5 credit will be issued following the posting of a positive tweet about VPS.NET or its services. VPS.NET will make the final decision on which tweets are eligible for payment. Payouts will be made within 14 days of being approved. VPS.NET will pay a maximum of $20 per account (4 x $5 tweets). VPS.NET can withdraw this offer at any time.

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