The Apple Watch Is Here…

The highly anticipated Apple Watch hits the market this week. Or does it?

It’s been a technology media talking point since it was unveiled at the Apple Live event last September, but today superfans of the gadgetry giant can grab themselves their very own Apple Watch. Well, they can if they’re one of the lucky few who have one on pre-order. In contrast to the usual queueing-round-the-block product launches that we’re used to, Apple has tested the waters by offering a new pre-ordering method, coupled with personal trying on sessions so as to personalize the purchase.

Does this hint that they’re a bit insecure about their product?

As expected the pre-order has reportedly sold out, however we’d expect that the portion of the techie world who are Apple-everything die-hard fans would all put in a pre-order. With the cult following that Apple has there is much to be said for their trepidation in releasing their first wearable, perhaps a sign of nerves? We’re not sure that Apple are capable of nerves anymore, we think it’s all down to marketing…

Since the watch was announced in September 2014, Apple has worked hard on marketing it as a luxury item, and – more intriguingly – as an item of high-end jewellery. A gold colored version (a new type of gold developed especially for the watch no less) of the watch has been spotted on famous wrists such as superstars Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry. What’s more, Apple has created an even higher level of exclusivity by gifting megastar Beyoncé and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld with a golden Apple Watch complete with a gold link bracelet. Rumoured to be worth over $25,000 a piece, these luxury items show that Apple has high hopes for its wearable as a high-fashion accessory.

In-keeping with its marketing efforts, Apple has opted to first release the watch in a series of high-end fashion boutiques as opposed to its own 453 worldwide stores. Perhaps they felt they didn’t have the room to stock them (disclaimer: that was sarcasm). The five places on the planet which you can purchase an Apple Watch without pre-order today, as reported by The New York Times, are as follows:

  • Dover Street Market, London
  • Dover Street Market, Tokyo
  • Maxfield, Los Angeles
  • Colette, Paris
  • The Corner, Berlin
  • 10 Corso Como, Milan

So while the air of mystery around the availability of the Apple Watch continues to add to its sense of exclusivity and appeal to its intended market of fashionistas with large wallets, the question must be asked how they plan on appeasing a legion of cult gadget fans wanting to get their hands on the watch. The answer, as in most cases in the technology world, is the internet. However, if you’ve not already got a pre-order in, you may have to wait until June to get your hands on one.

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