The Fact & Fiction Of Cloud Hosting

‘The cloud’ has become a catch-all buzzword used to describe storing data. The term is used so often that it’s hard to know what is fact and what is fiction…

As a premier provider of cloud/vps hosting, VPS.net is ready to debunk the myths surrounding the mysterious cloud. Here are some of the questions we are most often asked about our services and whether they are fact or fiction, so we can once and for all understand ‘the cloud’.

  1. The cloud is an actual place or an actual cloud. Fiction

When discussing ‘the cloud’ people are referring to a computer network rather that a physical location on a map. This complex network shares or duplicates data so that in the event of a server failure, another will take its place along with the processing needed to quickly get to you.

  1. Hosting your own VPS is complicated and requires technical knowledge. Fiction

VPS hosting usually has a much shorter learning process and most questions can be answered with a simple Google search. Most users find VPS hosting applications easier to use and learn than other hosting methods such as shared or dedicated.

  1. Cloud storage is better for smaller amounts of data. Fiction.

One of the best features of the cloud is that you can increase the amount of resources at any time, meaning that your cloud can grow as you do. Cloud hosting is great for beginning new projects or expanding old ones.

  1. Setting up a cloud takes a lot of time and energy. Fiction.

Deployment and integration is simple and can happen in a matter of minutes depending on your specifications. Tailor fit your cloud to come equipped with all the trimmings that you need.

  1. Cloud hosting is an inexpensive way to store information. Fact.

Cloud hosting is a much cheaper alternative to shared or dedicated servers. Because you only have to pay for what you use, cloud hosting can be much cheaper than other hosting services.

  1. Your cloud will be continuously available to you, even when small problems occur. Fact.

Cloud hosting is designed to be accessible from any point on the globe that has internet access without slowing down. Our AutoHealing protection ensures that you will have the information you need when you need it.

  1. VPS and Cloud hosting are NOT the same thing. Fact/Fiction.

We use the terms VPS and Cloud interchangeably to describe our product. To get the whole story check out this post. Varied companies use one or both terms depending on the specifics of their services. The truest term for the VPS.net product would most likely be Cloud VPS because we offer a virtualized server on redundant cloud infrastructure.

  1. iCloud is the same as Cloud storage. Fiction.

When using the term iCloud, you are referring to Apple’s own way of storing data to the masses using a Storage Area Network (SAN). There are limits and restrictions when using Apple’s iCloud that you would not find in other cloud services.

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