The Force Is About To Awaken

We’ve reached December, which means Star Wars is just around the corner!

You may have gathered from some of our topics on The VPS.NET Blog that we’re into all things sci-fi. Space travel, time travel, you name it, we love it. That’s why we’re more excited about the upcoming Star Wars installment than the holiday season itself.

In just over two weeks – on December 18 – we’ll be swept off back to the galaxy far, far away and into a world of droids, Jedis and the revered Empire. It’s not just us who are getting all excited about the upcoming release, either. The internet has gone into a Star Wars frenzy, with Google releasing another of its hidden Easter eggs (we know it’s not Easter) much to the delight of the online community. Go ahead, type in “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” in your Google search bar, and be transported through time, treated to that epic John Williams score and some recognizable search results.

We can’t be the only ones who thought we’d seen the last of Star Wars following Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. In fact, considering the 14-year hiatus between the release of Episode IV and Episode I (we don’t know why Lucas began halfway through either) we could be considered lucky, as it is only a mere decade since we saw anything new from the series.

So why now?

LucasFilm was bought out by none other than Disney back in 2012, who announced they would be making the double trilogy into a triple trilogy. It hardly seemed worth getting excited about at the time with a three-year wait on our hands, but now we’ve reached the final countdown the hype is at fever-pitch.

Up until recently much information about the film has been kept under wraps by director, co-producer and co-writer J. J. Abrams, although over the past few months we have been treated to extensive teasers, trailers and hints. You can watch the official trailer below if you haven’t already – you’ll definitely recognize a few familiar faces.

Although much mystery still surrounds the film – particularly the absence of Luke Skywalker from any promotional material – one thing is certain: the moment that operatic music begins and the titles begin rolling up the screen, we’ll be ready and waiting to see the age-old battle of good vs evil play out once more. And we really can’t wait to see Chewy on our screens again.

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