The Friday 6/18/2010 End of the Week Round Up!

I wish we could be sitting on the beach, sipping Pina Collates, talking about how awesome Windows is on VPS.NET. Unfortunately the launch didn’t happen – not yet at least. I can’t even tell you how close Windows is to being ready. Even as a Mac user, I’m ridiculously giddy with excitement thinking of the Windows launch. For those of you who like an ETA, I’m told that Windows WILL be ready to go next week. Again, we’re just waiting on hardware.

In other news, we released ClearOS as an OS template choice for users. Clear OS is an operating system that can handle multiple storage solutions, from just the basic storage option all the way up to cloud storage solutions. This means we now have 9 different operating system options with ClearOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Elastix, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Slackware, and Turnkey Linux, giving you an extreme ability to setup your own multi-tiered, diverse-location, VPS cluster.

I hate to use this line, but it’s true – after MUCH demand we have added the ability to pay yearly through our deposit system. All you need to do is deposit cash into VPS.NET, and we’ll credit your account. If you deposit more than $250 at one time, we’ll give you an additional 5%, If you don’t have $250 laying around, you can deposit less than that; we’ll take all the way down to $1, if necessary.

A little bit of a big announcement – we’ve launched 2 new Salt Lake City zones in an entirely new a datacenter. If you wish to be migrated over to the new zones, there is a tool inside the VPS.NET control panel that will do it automatically for you. More info. on that can be found inside the forum post. These clouds feature completely new hardware, and an improved SAN setup. The new clouds aren’t running OnApp 2.0 yet, but that is coming very soon! As a note, the old SLC clouds will be decommissioned June 30th, so it’s time to act quick and migrate your VPS.

The final announcement this week is an improved DNS system, which features the ability to set SOA/NS servers, which allows you to completely white label VPS.NET name servers. As well, the new DNS system features real time changes, speeding up propagation and other DNS related issues. The new DNS system should be in place later today, and based off what I’ve seen, you’re probably going to like it… a lot!

We’re just hours away from it being the weekend now. This entire summer so far has gone by entirely too fast for me; supposedly as you get older this happens, but I’m having a hard time dealing with it!

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