THIS: The Social Media App You’ve Never Heard Of

We have seen other apps try to take on Facebook, but does ‘This’ have what it takes to come out on top?

Facebook: a never-ending stream consciousness created by friends, family and people you once met somewhere or other. You may know the color of their living room carpet and their children’s names and achievements, but you just can’t seem to remember why you know them.

If this sounds familiar, you might want to take a look at This, a social media application that is quickly gaining speed. The only catch – you can only post once a day, so make it count. At first glance, This looks very similar to Facebook, but creators are hoping that by limiting content they are also increasing quality.

Yes, this means that your uncle can only share political opinions once a day, and it also means that your friends with the almost unhealthy relationship with cats can only share one cat video per day. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on your views on such things.

The idea of This originates from the popular tendency to share content accompanied by one single word from the user: ‘This’. The application launched mid-November 2015, and is already full of quality content and not nearly as much of what This creators call “noise”.

Andrew Golis, creator of This, served as the entrepreneur-in-residence at Atlantic Media, which funded the project. Golis told that he hopes that investors will soon look to get involved with the project to transform This into an independent startup rather than a corporately backed application.  

Pando explains that “The Atlantic Media connection is key, however. Unlike Ello and, This doesn’t have to attract millions of users to be a success. It’s not a social network that functions simply for the sake of being a social network”. Instead the app works as a specialized content delivery system helping readers find Atlantic Media content.

While This is still in beta testing and users can only join by invitation, the exclusivity makes the site all the more interesting. All profiles are currently public so that users-to-be can take a look and make plans for a new type of social media.

Will This give Facebook a run for its money? Probably not, but we can have fun experimenting with different forms of social media anyway. Remember Ello? There are lots of different ways to have fun on social media!      

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