VPS Beats Shared For Ecommerce Hosting

VPS Beats Shared For Ecommerce Hosting

According to a recent TechRadar post, virtual private servers (VPS) provide more benefits to entrepreneurs for ecommerce hosting than shared servers. Read on to get the full scoop…

While some ecommerce websites are perfectly comfortable with shared hosting, many entrepreneurs feel that their shared hosting package is getting a little snug. VPS is the perfect option for more power, speed and reliability, and is a perfect half-way spot between shared and dedicated hosting.  

When facing ecommerce growth, VPS means more.  

TechRadar outlines an important – yet tough to answer – question that many small businesses face in the first few years:  

“Do you stay with your shared hosting package or upgrade to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) package?”

TechRadar answers this questions with a reply that might give you pause: “Your decision on this matter isn’t something that should be taken with levity, especially because the hosting service you settle on can make the difference between your online business growing into a monumental success or fizzling out like a lost cause.”

Why Choose VPS for your ecommerce hosting?

If more storage, bandwidth and power doesn’t have you sold, there are a few more reasons why VPS might be the better choice in ecommerce hosting for your growing business. See the sections below for our two cents’ worth added to TechRadar’s excellent list of reasons to choose VPS:   

Broken Promises

Remember when you signed up for your first shared hosting package? You were full of ambition and excitement, and believed the shared hosting providers when they promised you the moon. Now that you are wiser in your ecommerce ways, you know that shared hosting is often bit of a guessing game. Since you share hardware with other users, you don’t always know if your website will be fast enough to keep website visitors on your page. While the price of shared hosting can’t be beat, the real cost of hosting with other users is more than you can afford in terms of page loading time and reliability.   

VPS hosting offers dedicated bandwidth for each account, and if at any time you decide that you’ve outgrown your current service, simply add more nodes to your account for an extra push when handling additional traffic. Scalability and flexibility are two areas where VPS hosting is unrivaled.  

Half Measured (or less) Security  

The adage states that sharing is caring, which is generally true unless you are discussing security measures for your hard won customers. Shared hosting can mean that SSL certificates often cover many websites at the same time. If you are running a blog or a wiki this may not matter to you. However, if you are handling sensitive information like credit card numbers, email addresses and phone numbers, then sharing an SSL might not be the best idea.  

VPS hosting automatically comes with FREE dedicated SSL certificates for each account. Security is too important to risk in an ecommerce environment, which is why VPS.NET doesn’t compromise or charge extra for peace of mind.  

Dedicated Resources for Your Success

TechRadar advises you to “be sure only to use a hosting provider that can support your business into the future and offer all the scalability you need; don’t run the risk of having to interrupt your business services midstream to change to a better server. ” VPS.NET provides the services and security for the long haul. Who wants to move their data from service to service when a virtual private server supports any level of growth?

To learn more about switching your ecommerce business from a shared server to a VPS, contact our sales staff today. Trust us, you will be glad of it later on.  

Partner with VPS.NET today for the flexibility, redundancy and price you can agree with.   

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