How A VPS Can Make For Greener Businesses

How A VPS Can Make For Greener Businesses

Going green is a simple way for businesses to feel good about the products and services that they provide. But did you know that your web hosting choices can help your company be eco-friendly too? Learn more about how virtual private servers (VPS) are greener than other hosting options. This means that VPS hosting is easier on the planet and your budget.

What are virtual private servers?

Virtual Private Servers, also known as VPS, are an exciting way to host your data by leasing only what you need. Rather than obtaining a dedicated server that you may only use a portion of, VPS hosting allows you to scale your services up or down depending on your needs.

When choosing a VPS package, clients decide how many nodes (or virtual containers) they would like to use. Once the basic requirements are chosen, clients receive root access to their virtual machine. Root access allows clients to have full control over their services, similar to a dedicated server. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting is sectioned off away from noisy neighbors who could drain your resources.

VPS: An eco-friendly option

Since VPS hosting allows you to only use what you need, it is a much greener option than leasing a dedicated server. For example, let look at an analogy often used when considering eco-friendly options: transportation.

Leasing a dedicated server is like driving a semi-truck to work every morning. It’s a great idea as long as the trailer is full and what you haul is required to fulfill your duties each day. However, if you are driving with an empty trailer because you don’t need the additional storage, it is a waste.

On the other hand, shared hosting would be equivalent to taking the bus to work every day. Riding the bus is eco-friendly, of course. However, if you are carrying four suitcases and eight boxes of data with you, it might not be your best option. A bus is much too crowded to carry your data around, and others may get in your way or even corrupt your data.

A VPS is a perfect blend of the best of both options. In this analagoy, VPS is the equivalent of a private train compartment. The train is servicing other passengers, but you have a private area to conduct business and plenty of room for storage securely tucked away from others.   

Green data centers

Choosing VPS hosting is great for companies who pride themselves on eco-friendly business choices. However, it is also important to be sure that the data center hosting your data has eco-friendly practices as well. For example, VPS.NET hosts 26 data centers around the globe. Each of our locations work to be as sustainable as possible. Our methods include fresh air cooling when weather permits as well as fully redundant power sources that focus on steady power distribution and efficiency.  

How to get started

To do your part in keeping our planet green, choose VPS hosting today. Head to VPS.NET and decide which of our hosting packages best suits your business needs. Take comfort in knowing if you need more storage, bandwidth or other resources you can scale your hosting package up or down in only a few minutes. VPS hosting saves you money and keeps your business green.

Make your hosting greener today by switching to VPS.NET.

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