Aug1 announces more power and more elasticity to the cloud announced today significant improvements to its cloud server offerings. In the announcement, the company stated its goal with the improvements and new products was to deliver an enhanced value for the customer. The company first announced that it has doubled the amount of dedicated CPU, now giving customers 1.2 GHz of power, compared to the previous 600 MHz.

The company also announced users are now able to create an unlimited amount of custom templates, which can be used for their new clone and deploy tool. The unlimited templates, used with the clone and deploy tool allows users to rapidly deploy customized operating system templates throughout the entire with manual intervention.

Finally, coupled with all of this has launched is elastic VPS. Offering the flexibility of its market defining auto-scaling, with the ability to allow a VPS to grow and shrink as needed, but at a single fixed price. With the elastic VPS, users no longer need to worry about unexpected sky high hosting bills. The elastic VPS offers a flexible hosting solution, but at a fixed rate.

“These upgrades, and new features are the biggest sweeping change has ever made to its product offering in one go”, said Rus Foster, Managing Director of

Rus also added, “With the elastic VPS option, there are no more worries about unexpected or high bills for users. With a simple flat pricing model the user knows their system can add on resources as required without worrying about downtime or the cost.”

The new improvements and products are available as of today from

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