VPS.NET Announces Newest Data Center Locations: Atlanta, Phoenix and Seattle

In our next adventure in providing high performance, low cost SSD-VPS locations, VPS.NET is heading to Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona and Seattle, Washington.

As the old adage states, location, location, location. But we aren’t talking about business real estate, we are discussing data center locations. VPS.NET knows that your data location is critical when considering end user speeds. This is exactly why we are constantly on the lookout for new exciting locations to place your data precisely where it is needed.

This time, our team headed south to three new amazing cities – but why? Let’s take a look at what each location offers VPS.NET clients.

Welcome to Atlanta!

According to NPR’s All Tech Considered, Atlanta has been recently given the nickname as the Silicon Valley of the South. This is largely based on a concentration of Angel investors. The influx of funding for small tech startups has created a demand for reliable, redundant data center locations.   

According to Somesh Dash, directors of Atlanta-based fraud detection company Pindrop Security, “The DNA of the city for me has always been one of disruption, one of kind of questioning the status quo. You feel it when you walk around and you visit the historic sites and you’re on campuses like Georgia Tech and others.” Digital disruption is exactly what VPS.NET searches for when entering a new location, and our administrators have decided that Atlanta is the perfect spot.

Welcome to Seattle!

TechCrunch recently wrote that Seattle has recently experienced a dramatic change:

“The first part of the change has been the rise of a new breed of large Seattle-based tech companies – companies that are still smaller than the two local titans, Microsoft and Amazon, yet large enough to fill out the middle tier of the tech ecosystem.”

TechCrunch continues to explain that the middle tier includes “companies such as Expedia, Zillow, Tableau, Zulily, as well as very large acquisitions such as PopCap Games, Isilon, Big Fish Games or Bluekai.

“Along with older companies such as Adobe and Real, the home-grown tech industry in Seattle now has a sizable number of companies not only at the $100 billion valuation, but throughout the $10 billion, $1 billion, or $100 million valuation ranges.”

It’s apparent that the Seattle tech industry cannot be ignored, which is exactly why VPS.NET has chosen this location as our next data center location. The atmosphere promises to be a forward looking space for growth and success.

Welcome to Phoenix!

Forbes recently called Phoenix “the next big tech hub in America” explaining that “Uber, Yelp, and Shutterfly have recently opened offices in Phoenix, helping drive the number of tech jobs in the city up by 18.6% between 2010 and 2015.” This created little doubt that Phoenix is exactly where VPS.NET should be. The tech scene in Phoenix has been steadily growing, and this growth demands a great cloud provider.

VPS.NET maintains very high standards when concerning speed, power and accessibility. Our newest data center locations are no exception. Investors who typically look to Silicon Valley for new companies, but are now directing their gaze towards new promising cities for aspiring tech businesses, and VPS.NET wants to be there first.

Getting to the Specifics

This hyper-efficient neutral network facilitates the durable, world-class services of VPS.NET.

  • Services in Atlanta including:
  • Industry-leading hardware,
  • Network connectivity,
  • Full redundancy and
  • Security – an aspect we base our reputation on.

VPS.NET only selects data centers that guarantee they can meet the expectations of our clients. The standards that we use to choose our hardware are based on optimum speed and resiliency, and our data centers must also offer these same characteristics. All VPS.NET data centers must meet environmental conditions, and, of course, security and power requirements. We are pleased to announce that these new locations meet each of our strict requirements, and is now home to the high performance and experience of VPS.NET.

These exciting new locations offer all of the regular VPS.NET features including:

  • Fast, reliable Solid State Disks operating at up to 100,000 iOPS
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 24x7x365 support
  • 99.99% SLA
  • Assisted Startup

Learn more about our newest data centers here.

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