VPS.NET continues rapid expansion adding 8 new cloud server locations.

Leading Cloud Server Provider Now Has 21 Cloud Server Locations

VPS.NET announced today that it is launching 8 additional locations to their cloud server line up. With the launch of the additional locations, VPS.NET now has 21 unique cloud server locations around the world. The new locations, launching by August of 2012, include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, India, Mexico and South Africa. The company will also be launching a 7th location in the United States, with Seattle, Washington coming online.

The expansion is marked by several key points; with the launch of Hong Kong and India, the company now has 4 diverse Cloud Server locations in Asia, putting it as the undisputed leader in the cloud computing market. Meanwhile, the launch of clouds in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and South Africa are new territory for the company, marking the first time the company has launched a cloud in the southern hemisphere.

“The key thing for us is consumer demand, and our customers have been asking for more clouds. We’ve been able to expand into some of the areas with the highest demand. It’s really pleasing to me to be able to launch these new locations, after routinely communicating with our customers to find out where we need to be most” said Rus Foster, Managing Director of VPS.NET.

Foster added, “Our customers have been instrumental in our launch of 15 new locations in a single a year. Between their feedback, and continued support, they make VPS.NET the great company that it is.”

In March of 2012 the company launched 7 new locations by expanding its presence throughout the world. The company had launched new clouds in Dallas, San Jose, and Washington, D.C., in the United States. Manchester, England, Paris, France, Frankfurt, Germany in Europe, with Singapore, Singapore launching in Asia.

The company plans to begin launching the new clouds immediately, with all of the 8 locations being online by August of 2012.

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