VPS.net’s Survey Winners!

Find out how NPS helps us as a company and how three lucky clients each won $100 for helping us out.

During the month of October, VPS.net customers had the chance to participate in a survey that helps out VPS.net by coming up with a Net Promoter Score, or NPS. This score shows us what we are doing well and what we can improve. Read more about NPS and the positive effect that it can have on businesses.

We really value what our clients think. VPS.net is driven on customer support and strives to deliver the best product available. When things go wrong, as they sometimes do in technology, VPS.net’s 24/7 support is always willing to help out. We understand that your site is an absolute necessity and it truly matters to us.

We appreciate the feedback that we received in October. For example, one of our clients said, “I have been with VPS.NET a long time now and the thing that has really improved over the years is the customer service and the speed in which problems are solved.”

Another client wrote, “I’ve been using VPS.NET on and off for 4 years now, and I have not found any better company for no-hassle servers. Wherever I’ve needed a little more than the off-the-shelf web hosting provided by others I’ve just fired up a VPS node. Being able to add what you need when you need is perfect. They also don’t lock you into ridiculous contracts and make you jump through hoops when you want to leave.”

The constructive criticism that we sometimes receive from clients also helps us to improve. We understand that we are in an ever-changing industry and we strive to keep up with modern web hosting. In fact, we hope to hold the highest standard for all other web hosting companies.

VPS.net would like to congratulate our survey winners: Terri Roncone and Hiromi Cota! They will each receive $100 for their efforts in helping our company improve.

Once again we thank you for choosing VPS.net for your cloud hosting needs. We always welcome feedback and we’ll reach out to our clients from time to time to gather more insight. We’ll even give you more opportunities to win some cash!

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