Website Running Slow? A VPS Could Help

Website Running Slow? A VPS Could Help

As you probably know, your visitors will not tolerate a slow load time when accessing your website. Studies have shown that visitors click away from any site that takes longer than three seconds to load. This means that you only have three seconds to wow your site visitors and convince them to stay. This simple fact instantly prioritizes website speed over many other minor details like font and image choice.

Whether you are running a blog or an ecommerce shop, it’s important to be aware of how quickly your content appears on the screen. A virtual private server might be exactly what you need to improve traffic, SEO and overall revenue from your site. But first, a little diagnostic work…

How do you know if your site is slow?

Before you begin overhauling your pages, it’s important to know how your site is currently performing. Checking your current speed is an easy task. Simply click here and enter your URL. Pingdom can then test your site from a variety of locations. These locations will vary in importance depending on whether you operate on a local or global scale.

Once you receive the test results, you can determine whether or not your website speed is suitable for your purpose:

  • You will be presented with a letter grade A, B, C, D or F for your website speed. Just like in your school days, the higher your grade the better.
  • Next, you will see a load time. Anything higher than three seconds needs attention immediately.
  • The next box is the percentage of websites that perform better than your website. Try to keep this above 70% if at all possible.
  • Finally, you can also view requests and page size. The smaller the page size, the quicker it will load for website viewers.

Underneath this basic information, you will see a list of files and how they rate. If you see any red marks, you can locate the troublespot and remedy the issue for faster loading times. A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is an easy way to cut down on website speed and keep your data zooming around the web at lightning speed.

Ways that a virtual private server benefits and speeds up your website:

Global Locations

Virtual Private Servers can store your data at many data centers at the same time. From Singapore to Seattle, your data can be delivered quickly and efficiently. VPS.NET offers 24 data centers across 5 continents. These options are available to cut latency and boost your website speed regardless of who may be requesting it.

SEO Boost

Since search engines like Google take load time into consideration in their algorithms, a faster website equates to a better search engine ranking. By appearing higher in the search results, you are more visible to potential website visitors. Organic traffic is especially important for ecommerce websites as it can mean free sales leads and easy customer locating.


Shared servers often come with a certain amount of downtime. With a VPS your data is available in the worst-case scenario. Even hardware failures won’t kick your website offline. Our self-healing cloud quickly deploys your website from another system without your website visitors realizing that there was a problem.

Freedom to Choose

VPS also provides you with root access, giving you the control to manage your system as you see fit. Choose the software you use, manage updates, and start and stop your server as you please. Who knows better than you what your system needs to be successful? VPS puts the reins in your hands and allows you to truly be the master of your domain.

VPS has the power, redundancy and speed you need to boost your website. Take a look at your options here. You will be surprised by how easily a VPS fits into your budget.

Take a step in the right direction for your website by partnering with VPS.NET today.

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