When RAM Matters—Black Friday Double RAM Deal!

Cloud Server Deal

We all know a cloud server allows for more control over your online presence without having to share precious resources with hundreds of others. In fact, one of the most important attributes of a valuable cloud server is the amount of RAM available, especially when it’s most needed. If you find the performance of your website is struggling, it could be that a lack of sufficient RAM is to blame. So how do you know when to look into getting some more RAM?

A Need for Speed

Servers that start slowing down under the pressure of increased traffic to your website often do so because they don’t have enough RAM to facilitate both an onslaught of new and frequent visitors as well as the demands of a growing website with multiple pages and applications. We don’t need to tell you that accessibility to your website is a huge part of running your business. Your customers rely on both easy accessibility as well as a speedy site. If you have a large website with a lot of wheels and cogs turning, it will require plenty of RAM to keep it running up to speed.

Loading Lag

As your website traffic increases, you may start to notice it slowing down. Perhaps your site today is doing well; however, as you grow as a company and receive, hopefully, more traffic to your site, this could quickly become an issue so it’s best to be prepared.

Many businesses have pages with complex code that require some extra oomph to load properly time and time again. Certain times of the year, such as holiday seasons where consumers tend to flock to businesses that offer products and services, may notice an influx of traffic. By treating your cloud server to additional RAM, you can avoid a website crash due to large volumes of traffic coming in all at once.

So here’s the good news. ..

With the holidays upon us we hope you’ll see an increase of traffic and your business will show its true colors! In the spirit of giving, and in an effort to help you make sure you’re ready for a boom in business, we’d like to offer a special gift.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are offering something we never have before:

DOUBLE the RAM on every node purchased between Black Friday (November 29, 2013) and Cyber Monday (December 1, 2013)!

This is the perfect time for those who have been looking into cloud services to get their business up and running. Our current customers are not left out of this first time offer and can also take advantage of the double RAM deal.

With a choice of over 20 locations, and over 40 different clouds you can deploy a 1GB, true cloud server, starting at just $20/mo.

So go signup now and enjoy the power of the cloud before time runs out!

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