Why You Never Have to Worry About Rebooting Your Linux Cloud Server Again

Ksplice Rebootless

It’s no secret that keeping your operating system up to date is a key step in avoiding software failures, security issues, and hardware malfunctions. Many people have experienced the frustration of having to reboot a system each time an update is downloaded and installed. This process sometimes happens automatically, causing system reboots at inopportune times. Enter Ksplice, which eliminates these problems by removing the need to reboot; and, the license is free inside your VPS.NET control panel.

Save Time
In the past, installing updates was a time consuming task, particularly if you had to do so on multiple servers. This was an inefficient use of man-hours, and forced both employees and customers to suffer through unnecessary wait times. Now, updates are installed automatically, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Protect Your Work Environment
With Ksplice, there is no need to put off installing those important security updates because you are afraid of losing progress on projects. With the rebootless technology, updates are installed automatically while your systems are running. In most cases, this happens so seamlessly that you won’t even notice.

Easily Rollback Unwanted Updates
Ksplice also offers the ability to seamlessly tailor your system should you desire. If you encounter an unneeded or unwanted update, simply rollback your system to its previous settings with a few clicks. This process does not require a reboot, further expediting customization.

System Resource Management
You can now implement system updates on all of your systems at any time of the day because Ksplice Uptrack does not require a persistently running process. This means that the update software will not consume valuable system resources while keeping your system up to date. You will enjoy full functionality of all of your systems while these installations are taking place.

Perhaps the best feature of Ksplice is that it is included in the vast majority of Linux operating systems and environments free of charge. This vital productivity enhancer is a great way to increase your productivity without impacting your bottom line.

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