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If you thought self-hosted WordPress blogs or content management systems (CMS) only resided in shared hosting platforms or could only be administered through more complex dedicated servers, you’re wrong!

In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape WordPress blogs have a found a new home in Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and cloud servers built upon one of the hottest technologies around today known as ‘virtualization’ software.

The convergence of WordPress and cloud computing inside cloud servers is a natural evolution of data center design and the requirement of bandwidth-hungry users around the world. Huge pressure is being placed upon web hosting engineers to deliver more powerful software and hardware configurations to Internet customers at lower prices. But increasingly the speed of delivery has become one of the most important challenges. By launching new data centers around the world, hosting companies are able to deliver content closest to the end user, including that generated inside WordPress blogs.

Furthermore, bloggers and companies that build content inside WordPress are seeking new hosting packages that are affordable but not limited by the restrictive resource allocation typically found in a shared hosting environment. Several hundred users may share resources inside a shared hosting platform creating issues when one individual site experiences traffic spikes.

Hosting companies have thus revolutionized their data centers to incorporate cloud technology that allows them to provide scalable on-demand resources in the form of Virtual Private Servers. This allows a small business or Internet startup to allocate resources, as it needs them without having to invest in physical infrastructure. Furthermore the resources are made available through a utility pricing model meaning they only pay for what they consume. They are free to scale up RAM or disk space on-demand, making it a highly versatile environment through which to pursue IT efficiencies.

WordPress, in particular, becomes a snap to launch and maintain, since this software is available through cloud dashboards and delivered at rapid speeds to end users accessing blogs over the Internet. This speed is also essential for search engine optimization, since Google rewards blogs that load quickly on stable platforms.

IT administrators are also free to install just about any type of operating system, Windows or Linux, that matches their business profile. And, this extends into software, including competing products to WordPress, such as Drupal and Joomla.

There is a thus a symbiotic relationship between WordPress hosting and cloud servers these days, making it a perfect foil for businesses pursuing new content marketing strategies as part of lead generation in general.

Over the next few years web hosting companies will fine tune their cloud computing strategies to delivery WordPress content faster and more reliably than ever before, making virtual private servers an attractive option to businesses facing intense competition in this downturned economy.

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