Are Smartphones Dying Out?

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Research shows that the smartphone could die out within the next five years… It’s been less than a decade since Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone, kick-starting a new generation of technology and gadgetry.…

The Future Of Bitcoin

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

What lies ahead for Bitcoin? When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, it was heralded both as the new currency of the internet and of the modern data-transparent era. Born in the rubble of the…

7 Takeaways From CES 2016

Posted by Neil Cumins

The Consumer Electronics Show didn't disappoint this year... As the world’s largest technology and computing exhibition, the annual Consumer Electronics Show provides a compelling glimpse into the future. Every January, manufacturers and designers from around…

4 Of Our Least Favorite Buzzwords

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Buzzwords are great, but there’s a few we’re tired of hearing about. (more…)

The Myth Of Unlimited Mobile Data

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Your 'unlimited' package may in fact have huge limitations. (more…)

Is Twitter About To Make A Big Change?

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Rumors are rife that the microblogging platform will be introducing a new 10,000-character limit. If you ask the average person what they know about Twitter, whether they are a user or not, they will likely…

4 Silicon Valley Mistakes That Turned Out To Be Successes

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Some tech slip-ups have brought us our favorite modern apps and devices. It's easy to look at high-profile and successful inventions of the modern era and ask yourself: why didn’t I think of that? As…

Netflix’s VPN Problem

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Netflix are cracking down on cyber-crime. Part of the beauty—or ugliness, depending on who you ask—of the digital economy is that the gatekeepers of content are losing power. Such is the case with Netflix and…

Digital Disappointment

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

We're expecting too much of our devices. In 2016, there is little debate that we’re now living in the heyday of the “digital era”. It’s been said so many times that now it almost sounds…

The Death Of Ad Tech?

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

We're turning a corner away from the eyeball economy; it's time for ad tech to change. It’s a banal corner of the internet that not many people are aware of, but almost every internet user…
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