Like Pigs In Muck?

Happy Like Pigs In Muck?

In honour of #HappinessDay, VPS shares a few things that have made us smile this week…

Virtual Reality Gaming

The Nintendo Wii dangled the carrot, back in the day. It opened up the possibility of games that we could interact with using more than a handset. But then the tide dried up a bit. Now Sony have got the bandwagon well and truly moving by revealing their Project Morpheus headset, which they hope to launch as an add-on to the PS4 at some time in the future. This headset, which’ll make you look like Robocop, lets you move around a virtual landscape to play games like medieval castle combat tryst The Castle, and sci-fi shoot ‘em up EVE: Valkyrie.

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Chasing Automation with Docker Containers

Docker Chasing Automation with Docker Containers

Jason Stevens discovers the open source project that lets you pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container...

One of the consequences of virtualisation in particular and cloud computing in general is the increasing march towards automation in worldwide IT departments and inside web hosting datacentres. This trend is also largely attributable to open-source technology, including Linux, which forms the backbone operating system of leading web hosts using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PhP) stack.

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#NewKlout – Klout Now Hits Harder

Punch business man #NewKlout – Klout Now Hits Harder

Want to pack a punch online? The new version of Klout could help...

If you’re in business, chances are, you’ve already heard of Klout. It’s a service that calculates a number, which tells you how influential you are in the online world. It’s gained such authority recently that companies in America have started to use Klout scores to assess interview candidates.

This month, however, the service went through a make-over. #NewKlout not only calculates your influence score, it now provides you with the tools to up your Klout number, through the power of content.

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Love Is In The Air: Our Pick Of The Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Love Love Is In The Air: Our Pick Of The Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Need help creating a marketing campaign? Elle Hammond's on hand with inspiration...

It’s that time of year again, and businesses around the globe are pulling out all the stops to generate that warm and fuzzy feeling for February 14th. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most memorable Valentine’s Day campaigns. Check out our selection below and choose your favourite…

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