Security Notice: Xen Vulnerability, XSA-108, and what you need to know

What is XSA-108?

A vulnerability has been found in Xen’s hypervisor, known (un)affectionately as XSA-108 or CVE-2014-7188. Such a vulnerability could allow a malicious virtual machine to access data relating to other virtual machines, or even the host itself, whilst potentially causing undue load on the host server. Further details can be found here.

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Why We Love Websites

website love Why We Love Websites

Need a little web design inspiration? Take some from this list...

At a good prorportion of our customers are web designers and developers. It’s things like high availability, instant scalability, and fast connectivity that these digital artists home-in on. Web traffic can be unpredictable and, when demand rises, developers like to be sure that their sites are able to deliver.

It’s for this reason that VPS.NET keep a close eye on what’s going on in the world of web development. And why we’ve come across our fair share of quirky sites in our time. Here are a few of our favorites, which should give you a little late-week inspiration…

The Treckie One

Forgotten what the Tricorder sounds like? Recap here.

The Pug-tastic One

This is the online equivalent of a pep-talk. Hereby known as a pet-talk, if you will.

The Smug One

Get on your high horse by looking at the mistakes people have made with the one job they were given to get right.

The Zoomy One

Ever wanted to get inside a painting? Here’s your chance.

The Calming One

Who thought rain could be so soothing?

The One That Will Cheer You Up

If you’re feeling a little low, this website will put a smile back on your face.

The Wordy One

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s an image made out of words worth?

The One With The Time Out

Who knew a website could help you disconnect from technology?

The One Where You Take A Chance

This is the website for anyone who feels like they’ve lost the ability to be spontaneous. Let this site do the spontaneity for you.

To get more power for your own websites, visit the VPS.NET website.