Bridging The Digital Divide

Posted by Jessica Furseth

Providing internet to remote areas and to people who can’t afford it is proving to be expensive. Who will pay to close the digital divide? (more…)

The Green Side Of Technology

Posted by Jessica Furseth

Technology hasn’t always been the greenest industry, but more and more companies are putting the environment at the centre. We take a look at some interesting takes on cleantech. (more…)

Chasing A State Of Inbox Zero

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

New app Zero promises to help users achieve and maintain a state of ‘inbox zero’... (more…)
100tb zeppelin

Predicting The Future Of Travel

Posted by Neil Cumins

Are science fiction predictions for the future of travel ever likely to be proven right? (more…)

The Age Of The Technology Unicorn

Posted by Jessica Furseth

A $1 billion company that doesn’t make any money? That’s a unicorn, and there’s never been more of them around. (more…)

How Technology Has Transformed Music

Posted by Neil Cumins

There doesn’t seem to be an industry devoid of digital disruption. The way in which we enjoy world music has undergone several transformations... (more…)
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