6 Reasons To Choose VPS Over Shared Hosting

6 Reasons To Choose VPS Over Shared Hosting

Whether you currently have a shared hosting account or are just setting out on your digital journey, you may not realize the hidden benefits of choosing a virtual private server. Too many website owners assume that there are just two choices: shared hosting or leasing an entire dedicated server. However, somewhere in between the limited resources of shared hosting and the overwhelming bulk of dedicated hosting, there lies a perfect compromise with the power and control necessary to run a vibrant, robust website or application.

Why should you choose VPS?

According to HostingAdvice.com, “A virtual private server (VPS) is ideal for those seeking scalable, reliable hosting resources at a reasonable monthly price.” However, that doesn’t say exactly what virtual private servers are and how they work. Virtual private servers are isolated, virtual machines located on a physical server. Each VPS is partitioned to contain a designated amount of power, bandwidth and storage. By partitioning each server, users have complete control over the resources within their VPS and no noisy neighbors that could compromise security and reliability.

While this quick overview explains the basics of a virtual private server, it does not explain the benefits that users have access to when they choose VPS. Below are six reasons why you should choose a VPS rather than leasing another year of shared hosting:

#1. Root Access

Each VPS comes with full root access, meaning that you get to choose exactly what happens with your hosting platform. Update and install the software you want, when you want it. Need a quick restart? No problem!

#2. Scalable

Creating a website is not a static endeavor. You may start out with low traffic spaced sporadically throughout the day. However, as the popularity of your website increases, you will need more resources to handle the demand. VPS allows you to add resources when you need them, and remove resources when you don’t.

#3. High Security

Shared hosting – as its name suggests – means that other users on the same server could create situations where your security is compromised. By leasing a VPS instead, you take control over your security and remove the threat that other users pose to your platform. Your security measures can be as strict or relaxed as you feel necessary to protect your data.

#4. Inexpensive

At this point in the post, you may be thinking that you can’t possibly afford a system with all the aforementioned benefits. However, leasing a virtual private server costs much less than you may think. VPS scalability allows you to choose how much you spend depending on how many nodes you choose to employ. Plans from VPS.NET start as low as $5 per month.

#5. Choice of OS

Whether you prefer Linux distros or Windows OS, the operating system you use on your VPS is completely up to you. Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, you name it, we’ve got it. VPS gives you the freedom to choose the tools and operating system you need to succeed.

#6. 24-Hour Support

Whether it’s the first thing in the morning, the last thing before bed or in the middle of the night, our expert support team is available to answer your toughest questions. VPS.NET invests in you and your projects, which is why we are always available to lend support and solve problems you are facing. Whether you prefer communicating through ticket, phone or chat, you are minutes away from the answers you need.

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