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5 Things You’re Not Getting From Your Ecommerce Platform

by Kelly Kirkham

For entrepreneurs new to the digital marketplace, ecommerce applications and software are very tempting. For a fee, these platforms can make selling your products or services online very simple. With drag-and-drop features, ecommerce platforms let you open your shop in just a few minutes. However, there is also a dark side to these easy applications…

How To Choose Web Hosting For Your Startup

by Kelly Kirkham

Building your own business is an exciting, yet completely terrifying, time in any entrepreneur’s life. The decisions made in the early days of your business can have lasting effects, which is a lot of pressure to be under from the start. While we can’t help with all of the tough choices you will have to…

VPS Beats Shared For Ecommerce Hosting

by Kelly Kirkham

According to a recent TechRadar post, virtual private servers (VPS) provide more benefits to entrepreneurs for ecommerce hosting than shared servers. Read on to get the full scoop… While some ecommerce websites are perfectly comfortable with shared hosting, many entrepreneurs feel that their shared hosting package is getting a little snug. VPS is the perfect…

Your 2015 Business Review

by Madeleine Bruce

Another year is coming to a close, and that means it’s time to look back at what you’ve achieved.

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Is Your Monitor Up To Scratch?

by Neil Cumins

Back in the 1980s, computer users had no choice over how they viewed the information generated by their devices. Monitors tended to be small and monochrome, and green text was ubiquitous because of the phosphor contained within cathode ray tubes. These green characters and symbols were displayed on black screens, because in those days hardware…

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Does Targeted Advertising Really Work?

by Madeleine Bruce

Consumers worldwide are becoming exasperated by being chased around the web by targeted advertising. Sure, as a concept it should be beneficial to the consumer, but in practice it is nothing more than a nuisance.

Brand Management 101

by Madeleine Bruce

In online business it can be tricky to truly protect your brand.

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