Use Our Cloud Platform To Help Your Business Grow

Use Our Cloud Site Platform To Help Your Business Grow

If you are operating a small- to medium-size business, you may be unsure as to the best choice for your web hosting needs. Researching hosting solutions can be a long and confusing road, and can leave you with a lot of ‘what ifs?’. To help your business grow and keep cloud sites simple, we have noted below answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Which web hosting solution will work best for my growing business?

Startups often face the same problem – that is, not a great deal of capital to fund a growing list of requirements. Virtual private servers can help solve at least one of these. If you are looking for ways to save money while still maintaining or creating an online presence, VPS hosting might be perfect for you because it provides the unique ability to start small at a low price while still having room to grow with your business.

Are VPS cloud sites a better option than shared hosting?

The answer to this question depends on what you plan to do with your cloud sites. If you are looking to support a single page blog, shared hosting might be the perfect place to start. However, if you are looking to create a multi-page site or maintain databases, then a VPS will offer more resources and availability to suit your purposes.

How many resources will I need?

Unfortunately, this question does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. However, if you choose a VPS provider like VPS.NET that has a 24-hour support staff available, then your solution is just a chat or a phone call away. After obtaining some information about what you plan to do with your cloud sites, our expert tech support team can generally make recommendations that will fully support you within your financial means.

What if my business grows faster than anticipated?

We would certainly hope that a year from now your business will be booming! The great news is that if you choose VPS hosting, your business’s growth is very easily managed. In just a few clicks you can increase your hosting package as much or as little as you need without any disruption to your services. As a fully scalable cloud solution, your VPS package can give you the power and reliability you need.

Should I worry about downtime?

The simple answer to this question is yes, everyone should worry about downtime. However, this concern can be easily addressed by choosing a cloud provider that offers the redundancy you need to keep your websites available around the clock. For example, our self-healing cloud isolates any issues it might find without disturbing your website visitors or application users.

How do I make sure that the services I offer have ultimate speed?

In this digital age of instant satisfaction, it can be hard to provide the speed expected by users. However, latency can be nullified by choosing a web host that offers data center locations where you need them. By keeping your data close to those who request it, you can mitigate any latency issues that might become an issue later on down the road as traffic increases. VPS.NET offers data centers around the world to be sure that your data is exactly where your users need it.

Still have questions? Contact a member of our expert tech support team to find answers and begin to design the perfect VPS package to help your business grow.

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