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Encryption Law And Your Server

by Grant McMaster

Hayden Smith examines the effects that any actual legislation based around the UK Prime Ministers recent comments on encryption could have if they became law.

Easy Ways to Add More Security to Your Cloud

by Terry Myers

The big advantage of using a cloud hosting service is the time and money you save by not having to maintain your own servers. In fact, the emergence of cloud options has essentially eliminated the need for small businesses to spend money on server hardware. But even “outsourcing” all of your site hosting and file…

Planning your webhosting business

by sbechara

In my last article, I talked about the factors which should be present in order to become a successful webhost. In this article, I will talk about planning for the success of your webhosting company. In order to become successful, you will need to plan for your webhosting company’s success. At the heart of your…

Command Line Basics Part 2: Unix File System

by csteffen

In the most recent post in this series I talked about the commands you use to move around the file system. Now I’ll look at some of the places you might want to go. Linux (and other Unix-like operating systems) inherited their file system layout from a long history going back to the original Unix incarnations in the…

Remarketing and What it Means for Small Businesses

by kchandler

It has happened to all of us. You visit a website to checkout a new video game or the benefits of a new air miles credit card. Then, for the next two weeks no matter how many sites you visit, you see highly targeted ads related to that exact product. The first thing that runs…

Are you a member of the Drupal Association?

by ltrudeau

If you answer: yes, of course! I say thanks very much for supporting the best open source community ever! You should skip to the bottom to learn the ways you can help the Drupal project. If you answer: what is this Association? I say: The Drupal Association (DA) is a not-for-profit organization with the mission…

Reasons for becoming a webhost

by sbechara

So you have decided that you want to start your own hosting company and become the next Congratulations for your enthusiasm! However, if your reasons for starting a webhosting company are ill-founded, then failure becomes a close reality, rather than an educated risk. A lot of businesses fail before they have started, because they…

AdWords vs. SEO…a Surprising Winner?

by rholmes

We hear it all the time from prospective clients, “I’m willing to use AdWords for a while until the SEO takes hold; I’ll turn off AdWords as soon as we rank organically for our important keywords.” This has been a tried and true strategy for many years—pay for traffic until the free traffic starts rolling…

CMS Spotlight: PyroCMS

by Terry Myers

About the project PyroCMS was started by Phil Sturgeon as an in-house CMS in 2008 and was released to the open source community in 2009. It soon picked up momentum and as I’m writing this it has received contributions from 100 different developers and designers and has been translated into 23 languages. In 2011 we…

Command Line Basics Part 1: moving around the file system

by csteffen

Previous post in this series available here. One of the advantages of a command line over a graphical control system is that you have a very very rich set of commands to run, and very fine-grained control over how they’re run. The dis-advantage is that you don’t have “menu”s to choose commands from, so you…

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