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What Is cPanel? An Overview

by Chris Pinnock

At VPS.NET, we offer a wide range of options for operating systems to set up your VPS. Some packages include cPanel for an additional license cost. So, to help you make well-informed web hosting decisions and avoid unnecessary confusion, we’ll be covering what cPanel is and what it can do for you. What can cPanel…

So Just What Is A LAMP Stack?

by Chris Pinnock

When you come to set up a website on your VPS, you may encounter the need for a LAMP stack on your server within the software requirements. So what is a LAMP stack, and how do you get one? As you may already have gathered, LAMP has nothing to do with lighting and is all…

Use Your VPS As Your Own DropBox With Seafile

by Chris Pinnock

Cloud-based file sharing tools have become very popular. They provide a helpful way to share files with friends or as an automatic backup for files to allow easy synchronization between your devices. However, there are a number of issues with these services, not least of which is trusting a third party with your data. There’s…

Configuring And Running A Minecraft Java Edition Server On Your VPS Running Ubuntu 16.04

by Chris Pinnock

Unless you’ve been living under a block since 2010, you’ve probably heard about the runaway success story of the computer game Minecraft. Having said that, I suspect if you are reading this article you already have a fair idea what Minecraft is. One of the features of the PC version of Minecraft, these days called…

What is Threading?

by Chris Pinnock

As with a number of things, threading has a number of meanings depending on how it is used when referencing computing. In this case threading can mean something slightly different when referencing software vs hardware. In software a thread is generally termed to be a sequence of instructions that can be scheduled for a processor…

Hello Windows 10!

by Neil Cumins

Is Microsoft’s new offering the perfect 10?

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Encryption Law And Your Server

by Grant McMaster

Hayden Smith examines the effects that any actual legislation based around the UK Prime Ministers recent comments on encryption could have if they became law.

Introduction to Linux Swap.

by Grant McMaster

About Linux Swap for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Usage of virtual memory is supported in Linux systems. It is used as an extension to the normal RAM, and is established on a defined part of the hard drive. When a system is experiencing a shortage of RAM, i is possible to temporarily move some of its data…

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