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Enlarging potential – WordPress migration to a cloud server

by Grant McMaster

Cloud vs Shared Hosting, For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS One of the most noticeable advantages of cloud servers in general is resource availability, meaning you always get what you pay for. They are reliable, stable and efficient when handling websites and blogs with high traffic. While shared hosting is slightly cheaper, it simply cannot promise stable resource…

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Cloud VPS vs Dedicated Servers

by Chris Pinnock

Cloud VPS vs. Dedicated servers, Hayden Smith explores the intricacies of this server vs. server decision.

A potted history of Outlook!

by Grant McMaster

Most people will have encountered Microsoft Outlook at some point in their lives. Neil Cummins explores the history of this well known application.

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SD Cards: Know your Fakes!

by Sarah Holt

Web designers and business owners can come to rely on their cameras. So make sure you don’t get caught out in the SD card scam. Grant McMaster explains…

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The Making of RoboPaul – The Psychic Octopus

by Kelly Kirkham

Since the start of the World Cup, VPS’s robo octopus Paul has been predicting the outcome of the event’s football matches. But how exactly was Paul made?

It’s a Deal!

by Sarah Holt

Introducing the latest deal from… At VPS, we don’t need to put our deals inside numbered boxes to make them look good. This month’s new offer speaks for itself.

Preventing heartache from Heartbleed!

by Sarah Holt

We take website security very seriously and you should too! Recently, a group of researchers identified a vulnerability known as ‘Heartbleed’, which exposed a problem with OpenSSL on Web servers world-wide. For those who don’t know, it’s the encryption technology that keeps data secure, so you can understand why it is causing some heartache!

Ghost – The Next Big Publishing Platform

by Sarah Holt

For easy, time-saving websites, get on the Ghost train. Spectres are renowned for creating chills. And Ghost is no different. This new publishing platform, created as an alternative to WordPress, is sending shivers down the spines of bloggers and website builders around the world. That’s why VPS.NET is now offering instant set-up of Ghost in…

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Pidora for Raspberry Pi: Features and Specifications

by Tim

After waiting for a long while, Raspberry Pi users are finally getting an optimized version of Fedora, the Pidora, to replace the current Rasbian OS. The news caused excitement among the Raspberry Pi community, who are finally getting the opportunity to enjoy Fedora on their devices after the previous attempt to introduce Fedora Remix for…

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