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Confessions of a SysAdmin

by Sarah Holt

Last week, we celebrated the annual SysAdmin day by feeding our own SysAdmins cakes and running a confessions competition to give SysAdmins everywhere the chance to win a Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD in return for sharing the biggest FacePalm moment they had experienced on the job.

Happy SysAdmin Day!

by Sarah Holt

SysAdmin day comes but once a year and when it does… it’s an excuse to watch YouTube and eat cake in the office…

It’s a Deal!

by Sarah Holt

Introducing the latest deal from… At VPS, we don’t need to put our deals inside numbered boxes to make them look good. This month’s new offer speaks for itself.

Sweet Tweets

by Sarah Holt

We’ll put our money where your mouth is when you tweet about VPS.NET. Who said talk was cheap? It certainly wasn’t anyone in the VPS.NET offices. In fact, over here, talk can be pretty lucrative.Today, we’re launching a special offer, which rewards you with $5 of account credit when you tweet about the great experiences…

When RAM Matters—Black Friday Double RAM Deal!

by Chris Pinnock

We all know a cloud server allows for more control over your online presence without having to share precious resources with hundreds of others. In fact, one of the most important attributes of a valuable cloud server is the amount of RAM available, especially when it’s most needed. If you find the performance of your…

New WordPress Cloud

by Rus Foster

With summer now drawing to a close for us in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to start drawing the curtains a little earlier and spending a bit more time indoors. So, what to do with all of this new spare time? How about trying out a couple of new VPS.NET products? These products will be…

Geek Day Deserves a Geeky Deal!

by Chris Pinnock

Did you know the uber-intelligent race from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy used a VPS.NET cloud server to build their computer, called Deep Thought, to find the answer to life!? Ok, that’s not really true; but if it was, I suppose we’d know the actual question that lead to Deep Thought’s answer of 42….

Show Us Your Desk, Win a Sexy Camera Lens Mug

by Chris Pinnock

It’s Social Media Monday! Each Monday we do some type of contest/giveaway/special event on our Twitter and Facebook profiles (follow now if you haven’t) and this week we’re quite excited! Without further ado… This week’s Social Media Monday is the EPIC DESK CONTEST. We’re giving away three incredibly awesome and sexy camera lens mugs to…

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